Be prepared for some surprises. The GreenFire Global SuperHome™  is not like any other home on the Planet. It is genuinely an entirely New Species of Home. The following web pages will introduce you to new technologies, new ideas, and even new philosophies. The GreenFire™ features represented here are not theoretical or future technologies - they  have already been built and tested by our Founder, Larry West, during his 30 years as one of the Nation’s most innovative alternate energy and sustainable home builders.

Please return often as this site will constantly change as new material is added. If you have questions, email us at or log on to our mirrored site at  where we  will maintain a blog and podcast site. As we begin construction of our first GreenFire™ Homes, we will video the entire process and post it as a podcast. As we are a true Grassroots Movement, we would also very much appreciate it if you would share our site with others via email or blogs.


The GreenFire Global Home™ and the GreenFire Global SuperHome™ 
GreenFire Global, Inc. produces 2 basic kinds of homes: The GreenFire Global Home™ is designed to be totally Self Sustainable with complete off grid Independent Alternate Energy, Rooftop Organic Gardens, Rainwater Harvesting, Ultra Energy Efficiency, Natural Dynamic Air Revitalizing, a 100% Hurricane Warranty, and a host of ‘Green’ features. The GreenFire Global SuperHome™ contains all the Self Sustainable features of the GreenFire Global Home™, but is designed specifically to survive the most extreme catastrophic Category 5+ hurricanes as well as tsunami force storm surges as high as 20 feet or more. It is the home of choice for coastal homes in harm’s way.

The GreenFire Global Home™
The World’s Leading Independent Alternate Energy Home. Our ultra energy efficient concrete construction, Natural Dynamic Air Revitalization System , solar lighting, and other energy free, and sustainable technologies have reduced the amount of electricity a GreenFire™ Home needs to a very low level. That in combination with the invention of our Independent Alternate Energy System and our SolarPowerCanopy™ - with it’s enormously expanded Photovoltaic capacity - have created a system with enough reserve electric generating power to fully charge an electric hybrid car every day and can eliminate gasoline bills forever. Transportation technology is advancing rapidly. Already one car can go 230 miles charged each day totally from our Independent Alternate Energy System  - as well as do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds! We believe that the electric hybrid car running on biodiesel is the transportation future and we have designed the GreenFire Global Home™ to embrace this technology. 

Totally Self Sustainable - An Infinite Supply of Energy as well as Pure Water and Pure Organic Food.  A GreenFire Global Home™  is the World’s leading Independent Alternate Energy Home with a near zero environmental impact on several levels: ultra energy efficiency, the World’s first Natural Dynamic Air Revitalizing System, Rooftop Organic Gardens, Rainwater Harvesting, and our SolarLightPumps. But GreenFire™ goes even further. Our Wildlife Preservation Homes are special homes that have such a ultra low environmental impact that the wildlife may not even know we are there!

 The GreenFire Global SuperHome™ 
For years, FEMA had warned that the wooden frame homes that compose virtually 100% of American housing (see ‘A House of Sticks’) would not survive the forces of even a moderate category 3 - and also that storm surge of any strength would completely destroy such homes. Their warnings went unheeded. And we had Katrina. Now, the hurricane season of 2008 is here - and many more years of stronger and stronger hurricanes to come. 

The GreenFire Global SuperHome™ is breakaway technology in hurricane survivability. We are combining almost 30 years of designing, building, and testing advanced high strength structural concrete homes (see ‘The World’s Strongest Home’) and the most extensive forensic engineering research ever completed in residential construction, into the strongest, most harden, most survivable, hurricane proof home in the World. We are the only in the World with a 100% Hurricane Warranty.

But surviving a hurricane is only the first stage. Survival after a hurricane is even harder. After a hurricane there is no electricity, no air conditioning, no refrigeration, no food, no cooking, no lights, no TV or electronics, and no drinkable water. And these conditions can go on for months - or years. These problems do not exist for the owners of a GreenFire Global SuperHome™. The electricity never goes off because it is generated infinitely free by our SolarPowerCanopy™ and our Hybrid Solar Power Systems high on the roof, our Rooftop Gardens will grow enough pure organic vegetable and fruits for several families indefinitely, and our 8,000 gallon Rainwater Storage Tank holds a year’s supply of the purest natural water on Earth - infinitely renewable.

Living in a GreenFire Home - Like Any Other Home
What is it like living in a GreenFire SuperHome™? Is it complicated? Actually, it requires no more care or knowledge than any ordinary home. All the systems described in this web site, while technologically advanced, are engineered to be simple, maintenance free, and all but invisible to the home owner. In other words, it is just like living in any other home - except that the electricity is free for life, the pure organic food is free for the picking, the pure water is free, the pure air is filter free, and the hurricane insurance is free for life.


"The ‘New Wealth’ will be those people that Invest in solving the Worldwide Environmental & Energy Crisis" We at GreenFire™ hope to help many such people achieve the status of Fundamental ‘New Wealth’.

Self Sustainable Living Makes Solid Financial Sense
With a GreenFire™ Home, there is no electric bill or worry of power outages ever, no cost of flood or hurricane structural insurance ever, and the owners can dramatically reduce their food bill (and live healthier) with the Rooftop Organic Gardens and with an unlimited (and free) supply of the purest drinking water on Earth. Such a home is worth much more on the real estate market and - unlike the current slump in housing values - a GreenFire SuperHome™ will continue to rise in value with each hurricane season on the Gulf or Atlantic coast or each cold winter in the North. When the true total cost of home ownership is added up, the cost of owning a true Self Sustainable GreenFire Global SuperHome™  is less than the cost of an ordinary wood home. Sure, a GreenFire Global Home™ will help stop Global Warming, pollution, and creates an energy free America, but it also makes solid financial sense. 

The Inaugural Day for GreenFire™ was June 22, 2008 and we are just starting our first model homes in Florida with our first production homes scheduled to start as early as November this year. The early cost estimates indicate that the 2,750 sf home with 2,100 sf Rooftop Gardens shown above - the New England Colonial - will market at about $450,000 excluding land. The home will be complete including a Circle of Life Kitchen, the SolarPowerCanopy™ with full Photovoltaic arrays shown (enough to power the ‘Tesla’ electric car 230 miles daily), rainwater harvesting, rooftop gardens, and most of the features described in this web site. This places the GreenFire SuperHome™ in the upper middle price range of American homes. Right now, production is very limited and homes will be available only to a very few early stage individuals, however, we have set the stage for rapid expansion with our GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program and our high speed concrete technology. If there is the desire to own a GreenFire™ Home, we highly suggest  getting a early Production Number as production lines will quickly fill up.

Our ‘Grassroots Marketing Program’ - Helping to Pay for a GreenFire™ Home 
Our marketing program is - like the rest of our Company - unique. We do sell our homes using traditional models (we are planning on 20 Model & Education Centers throughout America in the next 3 to 5 years), but we have also created a GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program. Very simply, instead of paying commissions to real estate brokerage firms, we pay a 5% commission to our own GreenFire™ Home owners - if they help sponsor people into GreenFire™ ownership (no RE license needed). It is a very powerful program. In the case of the above $450,000 home, the commission would be $22,500 for each person sponsored. The commission is not paid in cash, rather we pay the commission directly into the mortgage on the home. In this case, $22,500 would pay approximately 8 months of mortgage payments on a standard 30 year loan at 6%. This, of course increases the equity in the home and increases the owner’s basic net worth, but we are encouraging our owners to develop what we call ‘Fundamental Wealth’ as opposed to superficial wealth. The ‘selling out’ of the American home to questionable home equity loans is responsible in a large part for the huge rise in foreclosures on American homes. These foreclosures could have been avoided with our GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program.

Fundamental Wealth in this ‘Age of Consequences’
Adding up the financial advantages to GreenFire™ ownership; if a GreenFire™ Home owner participates in the above GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program and they wind up owning their own home free and clear - the owner’s net worth will have increased by $450,000 in about 3 to 5 years. They will have no mortgage payments ever, no utilities bill ever, no hurricane insurance bills ever, almost no food bill, and - if they buy an electric hybrid car - no gasoline fuel bills ever. The owners can (literally) weather any storm - financial or natural. GreenFire™ Home ownership is part of the owner’s ‘Fundamental Wealth’ portfolio and one of the soundest investment strategies in the investment world. 

Americans helping Americans - Our ‘Angels’ Program.
GreenFire™ Angel Sponsorship Program ties into the GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program above. With the banking, mortgage, credit, and the home building industries collapsing, the recession, the loss of jobs, and especially the enormous increase in foreclosures, more and more people are finding they cannot qualify for a home loan. Our Angels Program allows qualified third parties to sponsor selected GreenFire™ Home owners. The selected GreenFire™ Home owners agree to a joint venture wherein an outside investor puts up the down payment and cosigns the mortgage. When the home is paid for in full through the GreenFire Grassroots Marketing Program (over a period of 3 to 5 years) the GreenFire™ Home owners can take out a (standard) home equity loan to repay the initial investor. In the case above, 1/2 of $450,000 or $225,000 plus the initial down payment. This is the Angel Investor’s Profit. Even though the owners now have a mortgage, they live in a GreenFire™ Home with no utilities, etc. A win-win situation all around. 

This works especially well for family members. Parents can sponsor their children into a GreenFire Global Home™  that will help them - and their grandchildren - survive the ‘Age of Consequences’ and at the same time make $225,000 or more on their investment. Older children can sponsor their parents (76 million Baby Boomers coming into retirement) into a GreenFire™ Home that will help them retire in grace, live healthier with their own pure organic food - safe from natural disasters - for the rest of their life. Of course, the children would also make $225,000 on the transaction.

A GreenFire™ for All Americans - If America has the Political Willpower.
While the above Programs will help a many Americans own GreenFire Global Homes™  there is one final Program that could put ownership of a GreenFire Global Home™ in nearly every American’s reach and cost the government nothing to implement. At this time we are not wiling to release the details of this Program - not until we feel there is enough Political Willpower to support it. 

The Impact on America - Millions of New American Jobs.
If America were to convert to Self-Sustaining homes like GreenFire™ en-mass, it would take about 30 years to replace each and every wooden home throughout the Nation as it either decays or is destroyed by nature. It would be the largest undertaking ever in American history. In the end, America would be totally free of foreign oil forever; our waters would again flow free and clean, our land would be pollution free, our air once again be pure - and it would create Millions of New American Jobs at a time when we need it the most.

‘The New England Manor’

One of Many GreenFire Architectural Styles

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Inaugural Day for GreenFire: June 22, 2008